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Game Lodge or Safari Lodge.
On gamelodge.com and SafariLodges.com, you will be in direct contact with the ground operators of the Game Lodge, or any other related service provider. GameLodge.com and SafariLodges.com are not travel agents. There are no significant difference between Game Lodge and Safari Lodge. Game Lodge is more common in Southern Africa, while Safari Lodge is more common in Eastern Africa. This site has been developed for clients who prefer to handle the bookings by them selves, without any interference from outsiders. SafariLodges.com offers you a planning tool which makes your administration of enquiries and bookings more efficient. All your offers will be matched with the respective enquiry.  When you are planning a tour you have to be prepared that every enquiry will get a positive response, and you might need to send a multiple of enquiries, to secure your time table. SafariLodges.com facilitates and simplifies your research, enquiry and booking process. You will appreciate this site fully when you get all the offers landing on one page, which gives you an overview of the different options. On SafariLodges.com you can start coordinating activities, accommodations and tours, and at the same time line up a time schedule.  SafariLodges.com does not give preference to any specific safari operator or operators, our visitors are supreme to us. Before you decide to send your first booking enquiry, you have to " Register " your contact details. And you will find it very convenient when you get several offers, landing in one place. We call this page, " My Safari ", a page where you can monitor the progress of your plan and make instant decisions on, by declining or accepting offers.

Welcome to GameLodge.com and SafariLodges.com.
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